Timetable 2019


Welcome to the ACU Web Timetable 2019

The menu on the left allows you to view the availability of a room on a given day or week. You will need to know the room number to check its availability.

You can also use this function to check timetables by School, Course Group, Unit, Room and Staff Member. Choose from the drop-down lists to adjust how you view the timetable. You can also view Room Bookings.

Students can find more detailed information on how to read your timetable at the Student Portal; ACU INFO - > COURSES AND UNITS - > Your Timetable
There is also a Guide to Understanding Weeks and Dates 2019 (PDF) and how they are numbered at ACU.

For more information:

Student timetable queries should be directed to your Course Coordinator.

Staff timetable queries should be directed to your School Timetabling Liaison Officer.

Timetables are updated regularly so please check your timetable again before classes commence.